If you have responsibility for something or someone, or if they are your responsibility, it is your job or duty to deal with them and to take decisions relating to them.
If you accept responsibility for something that has happened, you agree that you were to blame for it or you caused it. If you think that you have a responsibility to do something, you feel that you ought to do it because it is morally right to do it.

If you have accepted a responsibility to do something, either you like it or not, please make sure it can be done. Being irresponsible like doing the job in half way can make other people in difficulties. For example, if you have given a responsibility to book a place for a dinner, you need to make sure you are booking it correctly and rightly where and when the dinner will be held. What will happen if you are not holding on your responsibility and the booking was not done by you??
Of course everything will mix up and progress in haphazard way. Maybe the dinner will be cancel because of the your irresponsible. So, be responsible guys!! either in your study as a student or in your life as a person that live on..

"In law, diminished responsibility is a defence which states that someone is not mentally well enough to be totally responsible for their crime."

personal conclusion : person that irresponsible usually have mental problem.. jgn nk sshkan org~~**no offense**

Make a right choice in your life


My RM80 Trip

Did you ever think that you can have a nice two days and one night trip in Pangkor for only RM80?? haha..guess what.. i already got it.. :) during my semester break last year, i went to Pangkor with my good friends during my secondary school days..but.. its only for gurls..:P only five of us joined for that trip..sad thing, my bestfriend cannot joined us for some reason..(we gonna make another trip for you husna).. :) want to know how i spent only small amount of money for a nice trip at an island? the main tip i want to share with all of you is to go there when people cannot go. haha..it means that go for a trip on the weekdays, not on the weekend. the most important is not during school holidays.. here is my story..

On the 1st day, we took ferry from Lumut. Ferry fees for go(Lumut-Pangkor) and back( Pangkor-Lumut ) is only RM10. When arrive at Pangkor, we can see that a lot of "pinky van" along the roadside outside the jetty terminal..haha.. all that van was pink in colour with the words 'van persiaran' on some of them. Seeing us out from the terminal, most of them trying quite hard to make us interested to ride with them. The first thing i thought about the van fees is it maybe a little bit expensive. I don't know how they usually operate during school holidays season, but I was shocked when one of the 'pak cik' offered us to have a ride around the island. I was like 'kagum' when ...

pakcik : adik, nak jalan2 sekeliling pulau ke. pakcik blh bwk.
Me : Kire mcm mana? harga?
pakcik : alaa..murah je. RM15.
Me : haa..sorang RM15? hmm..
Pakcik : xla..kire satu van. sume skali blh naik..dalam 6 org.
Me ; owh..ade had masa x pakcik..kami nk berenti kat tmpt2 menarik..amik masa lama harga sama ke..
Pakcik : xpe..pulau ni kecik je. slalo dalam 30 minit dah abis pusing. Kalau kamu nk jalan 2 jam pon pakcik blh bwkkan.

haha.. can you imagine how cheap that pakcik offered us for the tour. If we take the taxi from USM to Parit Buntar on 5 minutes ride, it cost us RM8 already..haha..how funny i thought that time. Mayb only a little number of tourist on that day and the 'pakcik' just want to fill his free time. Thats why its cheap..hehe. Dpt balik duit minyak n untung utk minum kopi pon jd la kan. But, sori pakcik, we don't take your van for the tour.. :( so, how we go around the island?? walking?? haha. nope..its because a policeman(pakcik polis) was waiting for us..hehe. policeman?? kene tangkap ke ni?? no la..one of my friend, maman, her father was a policeman. So, her father asked one of his friend there to take care of us..then, the first thing we do is the policeman(cannot remember his name) brought us to the place that we were going to sleep that night.. u know that we are five and that pakcik polis brought only Kancil to pick us. He thought that it was only few of us will be there..so, terpaksa la kami sume duduk cam sadin kan..the main thing i want to highlight is that 'pakcik polis' bwk kete peronda yg de lampu biru kat ats tu..haha.. seriously, mmg mcm pesalah kene tgkap time tu..haha..really a funny memory to remember. haa..about our place to stay that nite, want to know what place??


It was a nice place to stay. But not anybody can stay here. Because of maman's father, so, we can stay there. Its only cost us RM70 per room. 2 person for one room. so, a only have to paid RM35 for one night. That policeman told us, if maman's father was also join us that time, we all can stay there for FREE!! haha..really interesting..i'm appreciate it a lot..thanx maman...

Swimming pool n the jakuzzi..haha..nice

excited..it belong to us that day!!

After have a nice walk around the villa, that 'pakcik polis' already left for his work. but, that villa has another policeman that take care of it. How about to call him 'pakcik polis 2'..haha. he asked us about our trip planning. haha..everyone just give him a smilling face..actually, we don't really have a precise planning about our trip, where and when to go. Nobody was never planned it..haha..don't try this k. better planning your trip!.. That pakcik was so very kind..he gave us some idea about oup trip. So, on that evening, he brought us to look around the place of interest in the island. We also visit Fu Lin Kong Chinese Temple, Dutch Ford, Batu Bersurat(Tiger Rock), Pangkor Airport(really small airport) and Pangkor Town that selling many types of dried seafood.

Fu Lin Kong Chinese Temple - you can see mini Great Wall of China here :)

At Dutch Ford - one of the Dutch strongholds against pirates at Pangkor

We was travel around the island on that day and looking at the village that makes me feel better. With the nice view of the seaside, the villager there doing their routine, the fresh air and the most important thing..not many outside people(tourist) there. It was really peaceful.. For you to know, Pangkor is really small island for me. juz for one evening, you can already travel around it and not much things to visit. Really opposite likes Langkawi Island i think. But, it can be a fantastic holiday vacation for everyone who wants to go somewhere out of the ordinary.. :)

That night, we only stay at our room with simple chit chatting. Everyone looked very tired that night. haa..you know, in that villa, only five of us stayed there that night. guess what..because all of us are girls, that 'pakcik polis 2' really anxious about us being there ourself, then he sent a police for every one hour(from 12 am-6am) to take a look that villa. haha..can you imagine that stay in a villa with a policeman guard around..feel safe and like VIP rite..thanx to the policeman for the night guarding.

The next day, we went to Teluk Nipah for the water activities. it was really nice beach. I'm a little dissapointed because banana boat was not operating because there was only a few tourist that day. So, we decided to go for a snorkelling after satisfied playing on the beach. This is my first time going for snorkelling..i'm feel bad and a little bit afraid because i can't swim..haha..although can't swim, you still can do the snorkelling n you can feel that it was very interesting. Why not to try it if you have a oppotunity..the important thing, do not afraid of it and u can find it is very exciting. After the snorkelling, we ride a boat to go around the island and it feel very refreshing..haa..I only paid RM12 for the ride plus the snorkelling. it was cheap rite. Then on the evening, our trip was ended with a nice memory.

Teluk Nipah - the most beautiful and popular beach at Pangkor

To total up all my cost there :

Ferry ticket = RM10
Villa + free van tour from 'pakcik polis' = RM35
Snorkelling + boat tour = Rm12

Total = RM 57.00

when total up with the eating cost and shoping the dried seafood I only spent RM80 for this trip. are you really believe it?? haha.. its real guys..so, believe it. It was really my RM80 trip and it was PANGKOR!!!! can you get it like i already got??

p/s : for my friends that join the trip..thanx for a good memory together..to maman, thanx a lot!!! and for wirdah that give idea for the trip, nnti kite gi jln2 lagi ye..luv u all gurls!!


Being Accepted

Holla readers!! this is my second post :) what do you think about being accepted or not? either it was friends or family. Thinking about being accepted in a friendship is about how well you are respected for who you are and what you are. And you are loved for all of your traits, good and bad. For me, in a friendship, either that person is good or bad, we still need to accept it all.. But if something that not logical happen like when we can accepted how a person is(bad and good) that we call a friend, while that person cannot accept how we are(bad and good) what else can we do. just be yourself and find a friend that can accepted us how we accepted them. Thats a true friend means. If that person cannot accept other person, how the other person can accept her/him. Not try to accept someone else make us don't have any friends that can accompany us in hard or happy time. How could a person live in her own world? just think and do everything by their own without think about people around them. Maybe its good in certain thing but if we talk about friendship, how could this things happen. Maybe they have their personal friend in their own world, how could we know rite? :p So, how far are you really being accepted in your friendship? Think about it dear.. :)

"Friendship is like a relation between hands and the eyes. its like when hands get hurt, the eye will cry and when the eye cries, hand wipes its tears.."

**For a person(her) that being my friend for a many years(from my secondary school life) till now, i want to give a biggest thanx to you. thank you for understand me, accompany me when i'm in sadden n happy time, i hope we still can be friend till the end. if you have opportunity to read my words here, juz want you to know that i always thought about you. thanx for make me feel being accepted in our friendship.**

"When you are liked by friends or friends dont "accept" you they are your friends, being accepted is being generic, so be different!! :P"

**p/s : choose the right person as your friend. good friend can guide you to a right path. wrong friend can make you skid in a wrong path. *peace*


New World

get tired. nothing to do. boring. hobby. sharing. knowledge. improvement. learning. trying

hmm..what else i can describe about it..when all this happen to me for a long time a go..i start to think about blogging. ermm...really not me..actually, i'm really hate and not good in writing. when i start to write, everything goes blank although i have a lot of things to share in my head..hate it.. about my blog, WAY OF LIFE..when i think about this phrase as my header, what i mean about it is the behaviour and habits that are typical of a particular person choose. If all of you describe a particular activity as a way of life for someone, you mean that it has become a very important and regular thing in their life, rather than something they do or experience occasionally. curious about what i'm going to write and share?? so, keep following my story k.. ;)