untuk semua : Selamat Hari Raya sume..Maaf zahir dan batin..buat rakan2..mintak maaf kalau ade tersalah silap. halalkan kalo de termakan n terminum, halalkan sume ilmu yg penah diajar, 0-0 k.. semoga raya tahun ini diberkati..selamat pulang ke kampung n bergembira dengan keluarga tersayang..:) SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!!!

cerita ttg ak : hmm..mggu raya ni hanya akan dipenuhi dgn assignment n study..isk2..nk raya ngan aman pon xblh..apalah nasib sem ni..sem yg sgt2 pendek.. byk cuti je..

aih..byknye bnda yg nk buat..harap2 rajin la time cuti ni..buku bertimbun nk bwk balik ni..buka ke x blm tahu lagi..hehe..ni senarai perkara yg akan membuatkan cuti ak xaman..hmm..:
  • assignment highway engineering (submit 30/09/09)
  • assignment wastewater engineering (submit 09/10/09)
  • assignment geotechnical engineering (submit after raya)
  • assignment construction technology (submit 08/10/09)
  • assignment reinforcement concrete design (submit 16/10/09)
  • test wastewater engineering (after raya)
  • test construction technology (after raya)
  • bridge competition (5-8/10/09)
bridge pon tgh buat lagi..dh siap satu..tp xleh thn load 5kg..then kene buat lagi..waa..penin2..(@_@).

::mahu tido...mggu ni asyik tdo lambat je..::


Bridge competition

hmm..3 weeks more before the competition and my group don't start anything yet. i don't know either we can make it or not. i'm a little bit worried about the model that we need to construct now..we dont know where to get the balsa wood but thanks to chi lai, one of my friend that also join the competition. he told me where to get it but i'm still worry because he told me that they also have to book the materials because that shop doesn't have much stock. then, they only can get it one week after booking..waa..what i should do?? if i book the balsa wood tomorrow, it means, we can get it and start construct our bridge next week and then we only have 2 week more including the one week hari raya holiday..*sigh* we also need to think about the multimedia presentation and the poster..

and the price for each meter of balso wood is RM4 and we need more than 30. that means, for 30 strips (1m each) we need to pay RM 120..if we can't get from that shop, we need to go to the penang island and my friend say, it cost us RM6 for each meter.. 2 ringgit different, but same grade of balsa wood..nonsense..we must try to get it from the cheap shop*another sigh*

4 weeks before...

proposal submission. we juz do simple proposal, only 6 page if i not mistaken. without any nice graphical pictures of our bridge. juz the normal one using autocad..haha.. when i saw another group done with the nice proposal, our group feel a little down and think maybe we not be selected..and sori for my friends, we don't tell anybody about we join up the competition. i feel a little shy because worried if we not selected for the final..haha.. yela, bila dok bising2 ckp masuk bridge competition and last2 xterpilih then terus senyap kan..malu je..haha. then, if i'm not mistaken, there are only 17 groups from USM that submit the proposal. thanks to our lecturer, especially, as our supervisor, Mr. Mustafasanie that helped us a lot..:)

Artwork Engineer.. gile poyo..haha

1 weeks before...

at last, the result was come out. it was when i'm in holiday..i was at home for "Merdeka" Day holiday. on that weekend, i got a message from my group leader said that our group was selected for the competition..haha..i'm don't how happy i'm that time..only 9 groups from my campus was selected..good luck for the others..i hope we can do it and do better..:)

our group was selected

and..also the other group..

and now....

waa..dont know what to do...and i'm so so WORRIED!!! need the courage to start it..BUT when??

for more information, you can visit this website http://www.fka.utm.my/bridge/

wish me luck guys!!! :)


p/s : this post is juz for suka-suka..*peace*


stories to share~~

Hye darls..its already 3 weeks i don't update my blog.. i'm so so so busy now with my packed timetable..lab report, design project, assignment, test, and the new one that i'm gonna busy with is bridge competition(i'm gonna to write about it later k)..hehe.

Last day, i went for a "bukak puasa" gathering with my old friends from MRSM PDRM. Its very nice meeting after a few years not seen each other. i saw a lot of my friends changed a lot especially the boys..haha.. maybe i don't heard much news from them. from a little boy that not matured and childish, they changed to a man that much more better. sory guys, you're really little boys before. good for you all, you have changed..hehe. for the gurls, you all become much much prettier..haha. when school, i only saw u all in white baju kurung and now u all have ur own style. overyone change for a better person..i'm happy with it.

the 15 of us (me, bear, aida, yon, ain, dalila, bella, maman, fahmi, apool, zul, acap, barut, shafreen, rem) have break our fasted at one of the restaurant at seagate beach. after eating, we spent our nite with taking pictures and sharing our stories at queensbay mall and we also go to karaoke. 2 hours karaoke was very tired for us, but its really happening..:) although we juz lepak and not doing much activities, but for me, its a very memorable day that i can keep in my mind. thanx for u all guys for a good time together. thanx to bear that give full effort to arrange the gathering. :) next time, we can have a trip together k..

after eating

karaoke session

bear n aida

me n aida

acap, fahmi n rem (pic grab from bear)

the gurls

"A memory is something that is remembered"