stories to share~~

Hye darls..its already 3 weeks i don't update my blog.. i'm so so so busy now with my packed timetable..lab report, design project, assignment, test, and the new one that i'm gonna busy with is bridge competition(i'm gonna to write about it later k)..hehe.

Last day, i went for a "bukak puasa" gathering with my old friends from MRSM PDRM. Its very nice meeting after a few years not seen each other. i saw a lot of my friends changed a lot especially the boys..haha.. maybe i don't heard much news from them. from a little boy that not matured and childish, they changed to a man that much more better. sory guys, you're really little boys before. good for you all, you have changed..hehe. for the gurls, you all become much much prettier..haha. when school, i only saw u all in white baju kurung and now u all have ur own style. overyone change for a better person..i'm happy with it.

the 15 of us (me, bear, aida, yon, ain, dalila, bella, maman, fahmi, apool, zul, acap, barut, shafreen, rem) have break our fasted at one of the restaurant at seagate beach. after eating, we spent our nite with taking pictures and sharing our stories at queensbay mall and we also go to karaoke. 2 hours karaoke was very tired for us, but its really happening..:) although we juz lepak and not doing much activities, but for me, its a very memorable day that i can keep in my mind. thanx for u all guys for a good time together. thanx to bear that give full effort to arrange the gathering. :) next time, we can have a trip together k..

after eating

karaoke session

bear n aida

me n aida

acap, fahmi n rem (pic grab from bear)

the gurls

"A memory is something that is remembered"


  1. letih bai...pijat, share r gmbar yang ada kat hang..mintak skali yang ada kat bear.

  2. add ak kat facebook..aida dah upload kat ak..yg bear nya ak blm dpt..nnti dh dpt ak email kat hg..skali ngan yg ak nya..yg dlm kamera hg email kat ak..hehe.. sng2 hg copy ja dlu pic kat blog ak ni..haha

  3. aku xlyn facebook2 nih.. xpala, nanti bila hanag dah amik, hang share. kalau nak gmbar dr kamera aku, nih amik sini: http://download-phobia.blogspot.com/2009/09/reunion-buka-posa.html..
    password nanti mintak len..