For someone i really appreciate

simple post for someone i really appreciate...

happy bufday to you...
happy bufday to you....
happy bufday to HUSNA...
happy bufday to you...

happy bufday husna..i hope this year will be better than before. thanx for being my bestfriend since the last 10 years until now..i hope our friendship will stay forever...love u babe!! *wink*

p/s : sori husna..ak bz..kdg2 lama xcontact ko...but, nothing changed in our friendship..u will always be my bestfriend..forever..miss u a lot.. :)

She's someone that like me as me
Someone to laugh with
Someone to cry with
Someone to be just beside with
A friend that's who I need

She's someone that,
To fight with
Make up with
To walk hand in hand with
To argue to talk with
A friend that's who I need

She's someone that,
When I make mistakes
And never do anything right
She gives me a smile, a hug
And everything will be alright

She's someone that,
who'll share all
my dreams and ambitions
Someone who'll love me as me
Someone that i really appreciate....

She's someone with a beautiful name, HEFADATUL HUSNA ZAKARIA


  1. pijat,nak jugak mcm nih.huhuhu..
    best nye ada org buat entri khas ntk kita.. ;)

  2. haha..jgn la jeles bear...nnti kalo ada idea nk tulis pe, ak buat entry tok ko plak ek.. :D