Being Accepted

Holla readers!! this is my second post :) what do you think about being accepted or not? either it was friends or family. Thinking about being accepted in a friendship is about how well you are respected for who you are and what you are. And you are loved for all of your traits, good and bad. For me, in a friendship, either that person is good or bad, we still need to accept it all.. But if something that not logical happen like when we can accepted how a person is(bad and good) that we call a friend, while that person cannot accept how we are(bad and good) what else can we do. just be yourself and find a friend that can accepted us how we accepted them. Thats a true friend means. If that person cannot accept other person, how the other person can accept her/him. Not try to accept someone else make us don't have any friends that can accompany us in hard or happy time. How could a person live in her own world? just think and do everything by their own without think about people around them. Maybe its good in certain thing but if we talk about friendship, how could this things happen. Maybe they have their personal friend in their own world, how could we know rite? :p So, how far are you really being accepted in your friendship? Think about it dear.. :)

"Friendship is like a relation between hands and the eyes. its like when hands get hurt, the eye will cry and when the eye cries, hand wipes its tears.."

**For a person(her) that being my friend for a many years(from my secondary school life) till now, i want to give a biggest thanx to you. thank you for understand me, accompany me when i'm in sadden n happy time, i hope we still can be friend till the end. if you have opportunity to read my words here, juz want you to know that i always thought about you. thanx for make me feel being accepted in our friendship.**

"When you are liked by friends or friends dont "accept" you they are your friends, being accepted is being generic, so be different!! :P"

**p/s : choose the right person as your friend. good friend can guide you to a right path. wrong friend can make you skid in a wrong path. *peace*


  1. Holla... sejak biler ko berblog?? wah3x.. neway, welkom 2 the world of blogger...

  2. thanx :) baru je..bleh improve english ak yg teruk ni..haha. n blh share something.. continue following my blog k..:P

  3. kawan mmg senang nk cr tp kawan sejati 1:10000 je kt dunia nie...aku pon br ada 3 org je...

  4. yup..kwn sejati mmg ssh nk cari.. aku pon baru je de sorang :P appreciate your true friends :)