Holiday for USM Engineering Campus

Holiday?? make me feel better to think like that. At last, my campus need a "quarantine" for H1N1 due to the detection of influenza-like illnesses (ILI). not the "quarantine" term actually because there is no H1N1 cases yet(i think..haha). It because of the ILI. More and more student have flu and so, finally everybody get a holiday!!! haha. But it make us feel bad..a lot of program need to cancel..the most important thing, our site visit for wastewater engineering subject was cancelled. Isk2..poor us. We really looking at it..

The another story, a few of group of laboratory subject maybe need to redo their experiment. For a few group that carried out the environmental laboratory experiment on Tuesday, they already done the experiment with a kind of microorganisms and need to take the result on the next day, Wednesday. Poor them, the quarantine start on wednesday and everybody need to go back and all the activities was 'shut down', no lecture, lab or tutorial. So, no result on that day, and of course no report to do. They need to redo their experiment to get the result, maybe. :( owh, what happen to the microorganisms?? i hope that group don't livestock them..haha. Caiyok guys!! Thank god, my lab experiment on that week is on hydraulic part. so, my group is safe.. :) we already have the result, then, no redo..hehe.

At home, i got flu..but not really serious.. after 3 days, it gone!! hehe.. no cough, no fever..alhamdulillah.. tomorrow i will be back to the campus. Here I come USM!!!! no more H1N1..insyaallah..

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Engineering campus website : www.eng.usm.my

**not ready for the oral presentation..help me mr.hamid..please give me more time!!hehe**


  1. owh .. pijat ade blog, tak bgtau pon .... mari balek usm ..!!!!

  2. xtanya..xbagitau la..hehe.. rajin2 la jenguk blog ni ye.. dh sampai usm dh.. :D

  3. Thanks for the helpful information. Hope to hear more from you.